Living An Authentic Life



What does it mean to be authentic? To live an authentic life? 

This past week, I have been wrestling with these questions. . . In my quest to live a more grateful and authentic life, I find gratefulness easier.  In almost any situation, you can find something to be grateful for because things can ALWAYS be worse.  I am comfortable with gratitude; it is black and white.  Gratefulness is neat and tidy — just like I like to keep everything in my life.

Choosing to live authentically is a little frightening.  It reminds me of the feeling I had when I went zip-lining for the first time in Puerto Vallarta.  I remember looking at the pulley, the thin cable and the dramatic drop-off to the forest below.  It took a leap of faith for me to jump off the first platform.  By the end of the course, I was laughing uncontrollably.  Had I not taken the leap, I would have missed out on the chance to enjoy incredible views and fun with friends, too.  Living an authentic life is a lot like zip-lining; it’s terrifying at first, but the risk is worth the reward.


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