The Sweet Spot of Life


Today was a perfectly ordinary day.  After a long winter break, my tweens returned to school; I spent the afternoon with my preschooler, playing with Legos and visiting his grandparents.  During the past five years, we’ve had countless sweet, simple days just like today.  In four short months my buddy and I will close this chapter.  His final preschool year will end; we will no longer have long stretches of time to spend exploring the Zoo, doing Mud Pies at the Forest or playing at the Children’s Museum.  He will be off to full-day kindergarten.  I’m excited for him, but sad for me. . .

I’m also thankful to be at this stage of life.  We’ve graduated from sleepless nights, diapers, nursing, potty training, the floppy fish phase (when your unruly toddler disagrees with you and throws him or herself on the ground and pretends to be a fish out of water while screaming at the top of his or her lungs).  Today, my kids are pretty much self-sufficient.  And, they are fun (mostly).

My dad recently told me that I was entering the “sweet spot of life.” He said that at 40, you know who you are and you’re are still healthy enough to do what you want. Today, I find myself agreeing with him.  I wouldn’t trade this phase for anything.

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